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Skylark is a flagship brand of Durga Industry, who is a pioneer manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Automotive, Inverter and E Rickshaw Batteries.

Products Range

automotive batteries manufacture in india
Automotive Battery

We offer automotive batteries for cars and tractors. Our automotive batteries empower your vehicle with higher cranking power for an instant start. Made with superior lead plates with the power of calcium inside, our batteries offer low self discharge and increased corrosion resistance.

E-rickshaw batteries manufacture in india
E Rickshaw Battery

Get ready to charge up your E-rickshaw with a solid backup that will help it cover more km per single charge. With a vibration resistance feature, our E-rickshaw batteries offer more durability. Now you can earn more revenue by investing in a battery that runs longer and has low maintenance .

inverter batteries manufacture in india
Inverter Battery

Our inverter batteries are designed under the latest applied scientific automation.The high quality inverter batteries are ideal for residential homes and commercial settings. Due to compact design and light design, these batteries are suitable for long-distance transportation.

inverter batteries manufacture in india
Ups Range

We are known for manufacturing quality Solar PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) products which is a kind of inverter UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that is made to work along with the solar panels to process solar energy into electrical energy of AC voltage. This is the primary energy solution. The secondary energy solution is when it uses energy from the grid. The Solar PCU consists of a solar charge controller, inverter, battery bank and a Grid charger. Our inverter UPS provides efficient charging and backup in homes, business enterprises etc.

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